Jussi Talaskivi

About XPath like tools for JSON

May 18th, 2016

It bothers me that I have processed JSON manually and that there are standard tools like XPath and XSLT for XML. There must be better tools available for JSON also. Here are the ones I found for Python and some observations about them.


  • Powerful query language
  • Reminds me of write once regexps
  • Focused more on command line usage than module in the tutorial
  • Doesn't support Python 3



  • Simple API. Maybe too simple.
  • Good examples in README
  • No other dependencies
  • Supports Python 3



  • Rewrite of older jsonpath library which is a port from Javascript version
  • Some minor dependencies
  • Supports Python 3




If my requirements are simple I would probably go for dpath or jsonpath-rw (in that order). If I need some heavy lifting I would go with jq. ObjectPath has the nicest web pages but the lack of Python 3 support is a show-stopper nowadays. There doesn't seem to be a clear winner at the moment (like Requests for http client or SQLAlchemy for ORM). Your mileage may vary.